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The Week, The Weekend, Closing Debate

We’re busy preparing for tomorrow and Sunday, when most of the other performances will kick off – already today we met Tristan of Back to Hair, which should be great.

On Sunday afternoon, as the festival draws to a close, we’ll be finishing our work. We’ve decided we’d like to hold a public debate about the future of (Sexy New) Erskineville at 4.30pm. So if you’re in the area and interested, we just might approach you to be a guest speaker. It should be a fun way to finish off our Tiny Stadiums residence. The debate will slot somewhere into the style of similar such events that we’ve orchestrated at Applelofts before, such as our G8 summit and Nativity Play. If you’d like to be a speaker, let us know in the comments below, and then be at the Town Hall at 4.30 on Sunday. We’ll be drumming up our big debate over the weekend.

In the meantime, however, here’s some of the suggestions that have been added to Erskineville over the last couple of days

We put in a Karaoke bar and Roller Rink (a pet fantasy of Joe, Mark and I for the whole project);

The area near the train station (and our new sculpture garden) was made into a wetland park, complete with frogs;

The Priscilla Bus was placed outside the Imperial Hotel;

And a Flying Fox was installed between PACT and Sofia cafe.

Are you coming up to see the festival on the weekend? What suggestions do you have for Erskineville?

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