This may be the second-last batch of photos from Tiny Erskineville. The tide of tiny humans and their camera-wielding parents has receded as we close up shop for our debate. Come and hear some opinions (and give yours) about town planning, exciting new developments and the problem with fresh fruit.

A parisian cafe for Erskineville.

An artificial ski slope opposite Thomas Dux park.
Sad. Jordan’s father wants to see him more.
For public health and safety, a free syringe dispenser outside the Town Hall.
A dig site in the church car park.
A glitter museum – is it a museum showcasing different types of glitter, or a museum made of glitter?
A tennis court above the pharmacy.
The Pet Shop is now also an Animal Shelter. As long as there are still fluffy puppies it’s ok.
Glitter road, and an underground tunnel rendering Erskineville Road a pedestrian only area. The underground tunnel transports cars and always plays Lou Reed’s ‘Berlin’.
Several proposals for pedestrian-only Erskineville road, and even more proposals for rollercoasters, waterslides, and catapults to transport people from one side of Erskineville to the other. It seems like nobody will actually be using the sidewalks?
Voila. The catapults.
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