Since we’ve had enough time to catch our breath after two weeks of crafternoons, it’s time to start blogging again.

After searching for leftover photos from the last day of Tiny Stadiums and coming to the disappointing conclusion that there were no new photos on my camera, this will be a text-based thankyou.

Firstly: THANKYOU to the encouraging and helpful people of Quarterbred for all their support. Mish Grogor, Matthew Kneale, Jade Markham, Sarah Rodigari, Lara Thoms and Ashley Dyer – thank you for all your time and effort. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Thankyou to the staff at the Erskineville Town Hall – particularly those working with Youth Services who lent us their internet when the free wireless from across the street wasn’t working, and who gave us a lovely review and encouraged people to come take a look at us.

Thanks to everyone who came in and made a change. Your proposals have all been kept on file for the next evolution of Sexy New Design Team, which (who knows when it will be, or where) will be bigger, better and sexier.

Thanks to everyone who took photos and video for us!

And thankyou, Faculty of Creative Arts at the University of Wollongong, for letting us (though most of you didn’t know it) store and create our first Erskineville design in the G-Rooms.

Coming up: Aside from preparing for the various upcoming artist opportunities, members of Applespiel (Joe, Mark, Nathan and myself) were interviewed by FBI Radio ( about the process of Sexy New Design Team and our experiences with Tiny Stadiums. The Station is 94.5FM, and the interview will be available as a podcast – we will let you know when it will actually air. There will be a follow-up interview with FBI regarding the future of the Erskineville design later this week.

Also, new Appleloft nights are in development. Applelofts are nights of short works by members and friends of Applespiel, performed in garages and backyards in Wollongong for the smallest of small fees. Interdisciplinary works by emerging solo and group artists – very exciting. We’ll let you know when they’re on.

So, in short: thankyou to everyone who lent a hand or filled in a proposal for Sexy New Design Team…Erskineville. It was an eye-opening experience filled with learning curves and PVA glue. Stay tuned for news of FBI Radio and new Appleloft nights.
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