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Underbelly Arts: Public Lab & Festival 2010

There is less than a week left before Applespiel head on up to Chippendale to take part in Underbelly Arts: Public Lab & Festival 2010! Here are some bare deets (details):
Underbelly Arts: Public Lab and Festival 2010 (8-17 July).

During the Lab period, the public are invited on free public tours which depart from FraserStudios (10-14 Kensington St., Chippendale) and run for an hour, during which the tour visits the venues of participating artists to witness, get involved in an collaborate on new work.
Tour dates and times:
Thursday July 8: 6pm and 7.30pm
Friday July 9: 6pm and 7.30pm
Saturday July 10 (Lab Saturday): 2pm, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm. There is also a talks program at the Clare from 3pm-4pm where various artists will discuss the question ‘what kind of role can the audience play in artistic development?’ Applespiel will be among those artists, and afterwards, will conduct a session.
Monday July 12: 6pm and 7.30pm
Tuesday July 13: 6pm and 7.30pm
Wednesday July 14: 6pm and 7.30pm
The Festival itself will take place on Saturday July 17 from 2pm-10pm. Audience members are invited to purchase tickets (which are apparently extremely limited and pre-buying is recommended) and after arriving at the Festival, registering to see some of the performances and otherwise spending the afternoon and evening enjoying the work taking place in Kensington St. and surrounds.
For further details, including a run-down of our project and the other artists involved, visit

Applespiel in Brag

June 30, 2010 1 comment

Hey Scooby Gang,

Just a quick post to let y’all know that Applespiel are featured in this week’s issue of Brag. Brag are doing spreads on artists for Underbelly leading up to the event, and if you check out a copy you can see us and some words that we said opposite a big picture of Bill Baily. Which I think is a good thing, because surely that’s going to be a pretty high traffic page.

If you get your hands on it, you can read about us talking of our Underbelly project, as well as some other things like who we are and where we’re from. I also pointed out that much like Bob Franklin, we’re not scientists, which is important because people are always assuming we’re scientists (actually in Tiny Stadiums it was council workers, through no fault of our own, I’m sure).

Anyway, let us know if you pick up a copy of Brag!

Info on when and how to be a part of Snail Piece at Underbelly forthcoming.

– Nathan.

Belated Radio Post

June 25, 2010 1 comment

Hey all,

For everyone who was listening to Eastside FM at lunchtime today, or rather for everyone who wasn’t, you heard (or would have heard) Simon and I. As part of Eastside’s fundraiser “Love-a-thon”, they had a few artists come in and chat/perform. Simon and I talked a little about our upcoming Underbelly: Arts Festival and Lab project, and performed an abridged, radio-friendly (or at the very least radio-curious) version of Joe, Nathan and Simon reflect on Refused’s Seminal Album The Shape of Punk to Come, which we originally performed at Performance Space’s Nighttime last year.

Due to an hilarious phone battery death I wasn’t able to tell anyone about how they could listen to the interview until well after it. But thought you should know. And thankyou to Eastside and Katherine for having us!
More info soon about upcoming things – Underbelly, TINA, Sydney Fringe, Clubhouse

Were you perchance listening to Eastside today? Or maybe you were at NIghttime last year and saw the piece when we first did it? Let us know!

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Applespiel at Underbelly Arts: Public Lab and Festival

June 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Hi eveyone,
Just a quick note to point to out that the Underbelly Arts website is up. You can check it out here. You can also see our artist page on the site, which has a little bit about Snail Piece, the work that we’ll be developing and showing over the festival. We’ll put up more info about that, and how you can get involved, as we get closer to Underbelly.
More soon.