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The Sydney Fringe 2010

Hello again,

This is an update in regards to our involvement with The Sydney Fringe for the 2010 festival, held in the Inner West of Sydney, NSW.
Remember those little ‘Appleloft’ shows we played around with last year? There have been…4. The first was in Simon/Emma/Nikki’s den, the second in the George St house garage, the third in Joe’s backyard and the latest Appleloft was a fundraiser for Fire Moves Away, at the house of the lovely Grace.
‘Appleloft’ is now going to be part of The Sydney Fringe 2010. We’ll be back with our Tiny Stadiums buddies at PACT Youth Theatre in Erskineville (very happy about that), working with 7 other rotational shows and 2 Saturday Specials.
Over the next few months, we’ll be working to create a 1 hour show that combines our various skills and interests into something that we hope will be very exciting and sexy. But also safe to bring grandparents to. Here at Applespiel, we love grandparents.
It’s all a bit exciting.
We’re trying a $0 marketing campaign for our Fringe project – we’ll be selling chocolates in the next few months to pay for the acceptance fees and insurance. Our marketing will mostly be viral, and we’ll be relying on word-of-mouth and friendly support 🙂
Fringe housekeeping things:
Appleloft is produced by The Sydney Fringe and Applespiel
For official information, visit our page on the fringe website: http://www.sydfringe.com/shows/appleloft
For all shows and events, try the whole fringe website:
For our Facebook event page:
For PACT Youth Theatre:
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