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Underbelly Arts Lab – it begins!

Last night the team at Underbelly Arts lab took us on a tour of all the wonderful hybrid arts projects being showcased for the 2010 Underbelly Arts Festival. Artists, producers, writers, dancers and lovers of experimentation were treated to a private show-and-tell of each other’s work, starting at Fraser Studios and ending at Serial Space – the same tour route that the public will be taken on (starting tonight!).

Tours are at 6.00pm and 7.30pm this week (thursday and friday), and on weekdays next week. The tours are a wonderful chance to see works in progress and contribute to final products.
The actual festival is next weekend (17-18 July) and promises to be very exciting.
We are very thankful to everyone at Underbelly Arts for their hard work and help, and look forward to another week and a half of fun times.
‘Snail Piece’ premiered to the artists during the show-and-tell tour last night, with much discussion about animal rights, climactic performances and the romantic life of snails. Each night we will be trying out different tactics and attempting different levels of engagement. The Applespiel team will vary night to night, so you can expect a totally different vibe from each showing of ‘Snail Piece’. Since we (and other Underbelly pieces, such as the extremely fun ‘I Can Draw You A Picture’) rely on audience involvement, we hope you get a chance to come see a lab before the Festival weekend.
Check out the Underbelly website http://underbellyarts.com.au/2010/ for more information – also, various artists will be guest-blogging throughout the labs (I’ll be guest-blogging this friday) so keep an eye on the Underbelly blog space.
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