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Arts Lab: Public Tours 3 and 4.

Tonight’s lab began with some discussion of what worked and what didn’t from Thursday’s lab tours, with some brainstorming and mindmapping with Duffy’s textas. Various ideas were thrown in an we decided to take advantage of the upcoming lab tours and churn out something completely different to the previous night. The space was cleared, chairs rearranged, Joe made a picture guide to snail romancing (which is actually quite violent) and there was chicken. Too much chicken.

We were playing around with a kind of gallery style piece. Troy led in our audience and gave them some OH&S tips for Serial Space, Duffy led a group circle discussion on animal death – seeing animals die, killing animals, etc. Simon gave a quick tutorial using Joe’s snail romance guide and set up some lovely/horrific youtube clips, and Joe explained to Rachel (me) the reasons he became a vegetarian, while Rachel ate some crispy KFC chicken into a microphone. There is nothing sexier than hearing yourself chew on mic.

We then asked the audience to cast a secret ballot to determine the fate of the snail, and Troy bid them adieu. Imogen and Clare form Underbelly Arts agreed to eavesdrop on our audience on the walk back to Fraser Studios and relay back to us their discussions – because that’s what we’re trying to play with, really. Discussion, decision making, group/audience dynamic. Tonight we just placed in after the showing, not during. Just to have a play.

So tomorrow there will be completely different ideas again. There are showings at 2, 4, 5 and 6pm, and talks begin in the afternoon at The Clare hotel on Broadway – check the Underbelly website for more details.


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