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Underbelly Arts Lab – first public tour!

We’ve all just arrived for the second day of the Lab, this time with an abundance of snails thanks to my dad (thanks dad!). Yesterday we worked with the public for the first time, an excellent experience: for the first tour we tweaked the original Snail Piece model, re-distributing text between us in an attempt to open out the space, and nervously proposed the kill/don’t kill decision, to a resounding “don’t kill! Why would you kill?”
Before our second run we discussed techniques to invite the audience into discussion, spending time sharing personal animal related stories and working towards creating an invitational, as opposed to a coercive, dialogue. Once the audience arrived they were keen to join in, and after hearing a lot of interesting animal stories, we turned to the kill/don’t kill question. The decision was still unanimously don’t kill, but just… conversations afterwards revealed that some audience members were close to proposing a more oppositional stance. Indeed, later at the pub, conversation continued along amongst a few of the audience and, encouragingly, opened up. The desired discussion was at least arrived at, only in a sort of time lag way.
End report. Now to form today’s battle plan.
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