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Underbelly Arts Festival tomorrow!

We’ll have a post up later today probably from Joe, recounting the last few days of the Underbelly labs, but just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the festival! We hope you can all come along and see the work we’ve been developing over the last two weeks, as well as some other great pieces.

As a great taste of what you’ll see, here’s a video from Dylan Behan who came by on Saturday and filmed bits and pieces from the day.

The festival goes from 2pm-10pm, and tickets are around the $20 mark. This is for a groovy 16 performances and installations, many of which are interactive. It’s 2 minutes walk from Central, and there’s a couple of great eateries nearby, including the ultra-delicious co-op Should be a great day. Particularly if you spend most of it having fun at I Can Draw You A Picture, like I want to.

You can get all the information you need about the festival, including tickets and the schedule/map, from the Underbelly website, which is here.

As I said, I’ll be blogging from the festival, documenting our own experiences but also looking at the rest of the festival. But that won’t compare to being there! Hope to see you tomorrow.

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