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Appleloft! @ My Place. A Warm-up before the Fringe show.

The Sydney Fringe Festival (www.thesydneyfringe.com.au) kicks off in about a month (September 10, to be exact) and in preparation for our show, ‘Appleloft’, we’re putting on another of our collective performance nights – ‘Appleloft!’

It is seeming more and more that we should have maybe used a different title for the Fringe show, since we’ve used ‘Appleloft’ in the past as the name for our performance evenings in Wollongong. However, it is one of our favourites and we shall recycle it, like someone who gives all their children the same name.

‘Appleloft!’ will be held on Friday the 20th of August, at a location in Wollongong, at about 7.00pm. We’re hoping to get as many works shown as possible – all of Applespiel will be performing solo or small group works, and we’ve got some UOW grads and current students on board as well. There will be lemonade and cookies, and some fairy lights. It’s free entry and it’s always a lot of fun.

Also, pick up the newest Real Time when you see it – it’s the education issue, featuring the old and new UOW performance courses in an article between Keith Gallasch and Sarah Miller, and name-dropping some Applespielers – Mark Rogers and Nathan Harrison, who are both undertaking a year of post-graduate study in Honours. We’re going to put a copy up on our respective fridges, like proud parents.

Find the ‘Appleloft!’ event page on Facebook.com and click ‘attending’, and then attend on Friday the 20th. That is my recommendation to you. Go forth and prosper.



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