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The Sydney Fringe Festival begins tomorrow night!

The first Sydney Fringe Festival in YEARS begins tomorrow night, with shows opening all over the Inner West and celebrations at the newly refurbished Imperial Hotel in Erskineville. Check out the website, www.thesydneyfringe.com.au, for information and specs on all the shows on offer.

We’re still in the final production stages, including tech and some kerfuffles with projectors, and we’re very excited to be opening at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists as part of the PACT PRESENTS program NEXT FRIDAY at 6.30pm!!!

After our ten minutes of fame on FBi the other morning, Nathan and I crashed the Fringe Festival media launch at the Imperial Hotel and felt very groovy.

Since starting out with a $0 marketing plan, and a $0 budget, we’ve had an enormous amount of luck and help from friends. Thankyou to everyone who bought a fundraising chocolate from us – you helped us pay for things like Public Liability Insurance and security deposits. Thanks to PACT for including us in the PACT PRESENTS program (along with Clock Radio Symphony Orchestra, and Thousands) and helping us get some publicity for our show in Sydney. We’ve also been lucky enough to get some mentions in print/online publications.


The Scene

The Sydney Morning Herald (as the ‘Theatre’ pick of the Sydney Fringe Festival!), also here

Concrete Playground

And on Wednesday the 8th of Sept, Nathan and Rachel were guests on ‘StageFright’ to talk about Appleloft with the lovely team at FBi Radio

Inner West Courier – We’re on page 6, but there’s other great Fringe stuff, including our friends from Zetland on page 9.

So now’s the time to buy tickets, not just to Appleloft, but to all the Fringe shows that tickle your fancy. We’d love to see you there! You can buy your tickets here.

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