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Applespiel.fm, comin’ at you in the morning.

Good morning, listeners, and welcome to another beautiful morning here on 94.7 Applespiel.fm, you’re here with Spoons, Rach and The Duff and we’re going to be giving you the freshest beats, the hottest news and the biggest laughs from our station with Traffic/Weather Man Troy, News specialist Joe Reids, Artsy-Fartsy type Simon, and celebrity reporter Naschan and special guest Emma.

Applespiel stepped into the sound studio today for a first bash at Applespiel’s Morning Breakfast Commercial Radio Show. Here’s a link to a short (1.30min) teaser of bits of our rehearsal ads, anchoring and callers. All content is created on the fly, including ads, and Nathan was a wizard and put them all together in teaser-form.

Or you can listen to the teaser here:

We’ll be comin’ at you from Crack Theatre’s ‘Lodge of Lounge’ THIS VERY WEEKEND from 10-11am (Fri, Sat, Sun) and for those who can’t make it to Newcastle, we’ll be uploading the entire podcast up here after each show. It’ll be a chunky hour of content, but it will make your breakfast much, much tastier.


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