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Crack Theatre Festival and TiNA 2010!!!

We’re back from TiNA and the Crack Theatre Festival!
It was a seriously lovely four nights of performances, panels, ginger beers and being heaps tough doormen at the Year 12 Formal. No clowns got past us.
Here are some photos from Applespiel’s Morning Breakfast Radio Show! We recorded each of our three shows, and will be uploading them here (unedited) so you can grab some toast and coffee and get down to business in the comfort of your very own home.

Crack Theatre Festival was awesome, and we’re very thankful that Ben, Gillian and Dave were able to have us. Thanks for throwing a great Crack!

*My camera is awful and responds to light badly – hence the orange photos. Sorry! There will be better ones up soon.

Getting ready at the desk…

Nathan being a wizard…


running order for the first show is on the wall…

Emma Reids: The News (with The Duff)…

Check out the TiNA Flickr page for photos of the entire festival HERE.

Stay tuned for recordings of the Breakfast Radio – and remember, the shows are all made up on the spot, guest speakers and callers include members of the audience who were great sports and played along, and songs from bands we like. Spoons, Rach and The Duff are not based on any real person, alive or deceased, and any relation to living persons is purely incidental.

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