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Applespiel Are Actors, Crack, and 2011…

November 8, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s the (for uni-goers) last week of exams, classes and performances for the year, and it certainly feels like the end of an uphill climb. Here’s an update of what Applespiel have been up to over the last month (it’s been a while!)

Crack Theatre Festival was a wonderful, turbulent long-weekend away and since then we’ve been working on our Clubhouse event (through Performance Space) ‘Applespiel Are Actors And You Can Be Too Maybe’.

The acting workshop designed for performance artists a-feared of emotion, participants were introduced to The Harrison Method, and then led through a series of exercises to help them understand the actions, colours and emotions.

Once we felt everyone was familiar with the method, we gave them some scenes to work on.

The results were lovely to watch, and we’re proud to have done our bit for those performance artists who were too scared to play actions.

Coming up next: we’re revising Snail Piece, which was previously developed at Underbelly Arts Lab and Festival, for the Peats Ridge Festival over the New Years long weekend. After that – who knows! There’s a Next Wave/Kickstart meeting on Thursday at Carriageworks, Applespieler Nathan Harrison is premiering his honours performance entitled ‘Sixteen Year Old Me Isn’t Sure He Wants To Have This Conversation’, and we’re winding up things from the Sydney Fringe.

Some 2011 engagements are dependent on funding and applications that are due to be announced soon, but watch this space to find out about Applespiel’s 2011 involvement in festivals, labs and other events.

The year isn’t over yet, but on behalf of Applespiel I’d like to thank everyone who has supported us in 2010 – everyone who came to our shows, helped us source materials, read our blog posts, and those that we have worked with – Quarterbred, PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, Underbelly Arts Lab and Festival, The Sydney Fringe, Crack Theatre Festival, Peats Ridge Festival, and Performance Space. We look forward to working with you again.

(all images by Lucy Parakhina)


Applespiel’s Busy Two Months

September 1, 2010 Leave a comment

So the next couple of months are going to be pretty nutso busy. It’s stuff we’ve mostly covered, but I’m just writing to update on a few things and show you our new shiny pictures.

Appleloft Poster

Our Sydney Fringe show is just over two weeks away now. You can get your tickets here for a great night of romance, easter eggs, John Mayer, baked goods and much much more. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and true to Appleloft form, the more the merrier.

After that is Applespiel’s Morning Breakfast Commercial Radio Show, as part of Crack Theatre Festival for This Is Not Art 2010 up in Newcastle. The program is live now, and features friends of our Van Badham, Nat Randall and Holly Orkin. Also, our very own Simon Binns will be hosting a forum, and Rachel Roberts will be speaking on another. It’s going to be a great weekend. We’ll be recording our radio show and putting it up online for everyone who can’t make it to the festival.

At the end of October, we’re very pleased to be a part of Performance Space’s Clubhouse season. We’ll be presenting Applespiel are Actors and You Can Be Too Maybe on October 28th.

Applespiel are actors and you can be too maybe

Applespiel are Actors and You Can Be Too Maybe

Let’s face it. There’s a strong divide in the “scene” between strict theatre and contemporary performance. Applespiel’s intense research division has done some heavy research in to the matter and have concluded that the reason for such a divide is that most performance artists are terrified of acting. Being the warm-hearted community builders that Applespiel are, we have decided to try and fix this problem by offering a FREE acting workshop for all those contemporary performers out there who need to get over their fears. So come along and get in touch with your inner Stanley or Blanche. Learn all about PLAYING ACTIONS and your character’s MOTIVATION. To ensure that the experience is truly worthwhile, we will be using an acting method known as the Harrison technique. Shrouded in mystery, as its master never truly documented all of its different aspects, the Harrison method is a highly reliable yet deceptive acting method that will help you overcome the terror that acting currently incites in you.

To wrap up the year we’ll probably be planning another suburban Appleloft at someone’s house, but until then we’ll be very busy. Hope to see you at these events!