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New blog, same great classic taste

July 15, 2010 2 comments

Welcome one and all to the ultra-trendy new Applespiel blog.

We made the move because just like birds, we are migratory creatures – nomadic, we are eternally restless and need to see the world/escape the cold. But unlike birds, we have a blog to write things down. Truly, the number of ways in which we are like birds is limited.

We probably won’t post anything on the old blog, but will try and let everyone know what the score is. We’re working under the protocol that no one gets left behind.

Thanks to the lovely Pembo for helping set this up.

Stay tuned for more of our Underbelly Arts experiences, as we wind up to Saturday’s festival. I’ll be there on Saturday, documenting the day and blogging as it happens, but if you can make it up to see us and all the other great works, then you totally should. See you then.

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Belated Radio Post

June 25, 2010 1 comment

Hey all,

For everyone who was listening to Eastside FM at lunchtime today, or rather for everyone who wasn’t, you heard (or would have heard) Simon and I. As part of Eastside’s fundraiser “Love-a-thon”, they had a few artists come in and chat/perform. Simon and I talked a little about our upcoming Underbelly: Arts Festival and Lab project, and performed an abridged, radio-friendly (or at the very least radio-curious) version of Joe, Nathan and Simon reflect on Refused’s Seminal Album The Shape of Punk to Come, which we originally performed at Performance Space’s Nighttime last year.

Due to an hilarious phone battery death I wasn’t able to tell anyone about how they could listen to the interview until well after it. But thought you should know. And thankyou to Eastside and Katherine for having us!
More info soon about upcoming things – Underbelly, TINA, Sydney Fringe, Clubhouse

Were you perchance listening to Eastside today? Or maybe you were at NIghttime last year and saw the piece when we first did it? Let us know!

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