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By the Sea, Freedom, day 2, FODI 2012

September 30, 2012 Leave a comment



Greetings, humans! I am writing to you from the midst of FODI 2012, where we are smack bang in the middle of our series of secessions from the Commonwealth of Australia. Thus far, we have created three new countries: Astropos, Utopia, and Gwandanaland, each with their own flag (Utopia’s bold design shown above), anthem, culture, and Declaration of Independence. At 4pm, 5.30pm and 7.30pm today we will again declare our small portion of the Sydney Opera House independent from Australia, and see what unpredictable nation arises from the minds of Opera House audiences. Par exemple:


Declaration of Independence
October 29, 2012


We the people of Utopia hereby secede from the Commonwealth of Australia on the grounds of:


  • No equal representation
  • Shopping trolleys in the streets
  • Monopoly of big business (Woolies and Coles)


As Utopia we aspire to provide our citizens with:


  • Decency
  • Secular education
  • Mutual regard and respect
  • House parties


In the name of freedom, Utopia declares itself a nation independent from Australia and the British Crown.

Oh, through this freedom may we all find fulfillment and unending happiness.


We must run and prepare for our next secession, so I will bid you adieu, and leave you with this, the flag of Astropos, which is most impressive indeed:



– Joe