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Applespiel return to radio!

March 26, 2010 Leave a comment

If we were to break Applespiel’s radio career down into electronics, they would be very high in amps. Twice in a fortnight! That’s some current!

Today we sat down with Katherine from FBi and Jack, an urban planner, to further discuss Sexy New Urban Design Team… Erskineville, and you can check it out on FBi radio’s program All the Best (94.5FM or at 10 tomorrow morning. There is also a podcast in the works for both installments of Applespiel on All the Best.



March 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Since we’ve had enough time to catch our breath after two weeks of crafternoons, it’s time to start blogging again.

After searching for leftover photos from the last day of Tiny Stadiums and coming to the disappointing conclusion that there were no new photos on my camera, this will be a text-based thankyou.

Firstly: THANKYOU to the encouraging and helpful people of Quarterbred for all their support. Mish Grogor, Matthew Kneale, Jade Markham, Sarah Rodigari, Lara Thoms and Ashley Dyer – thank you for all your time and effort. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Thankyou to the staff at the Erskineville Town Hall – particularly those working with Youth Services who lent us their internet when the free wireless from across the street wasn’t working, and who gave us a lovely review and encouraged people to come take a look at us.

Thanks to everyone who came in and made a change. Your proposals have all been kept on file for the next evolution of Sexy New Design Team, which (who knows when it will be, or where) will be bigger, better and sexier.

Thanks to everyone who took photos and video for us!

And thankyou, Faculty of Creative Arts at the University of Wollongong, for letting us (though most of you didn’t know it) store and create our first Erskineville design in the G-Rooms.

Coming up: Aside from preparing for the various upcoming artist opportunities, members of Applespiel (Joe, Mark, Nathan and myself) were interviewed by FBI Radio ( about the process of Sexy New Design Team and our experiences with Tiny Stadiums. The Station is 94.5FM, and the interview will be available as a podcast – we will let you know when it will actually air. There will be a follow-up interview with FBI regarding the future of the Erskineville design later this week.

Also, new Appleloft nights are in development. Applelofts are nights of short works by members and friends of Applespiel, performed in garages and backyards in Wollongong for the smallest of small fees. Interdisciplinary works by emerging solo and group artists – very exciting. We’ll let you know when they’re on.

So, in short: thankyou to everyone who lent a hand or filled in a proposal for Sexy New Design Team…Erskineville. It was an eye-opening experience filled with learning curves and PVA glue. Stay tuned for news of FBI Radio and new Appleloft nights.

March 7, 2010 1 comment
Last changes!

Football oval, with bunny statue.

Poppy and Noah’s house.
Aerial walkway combined with rollercoaster.

Now to figure out what we’ll do with the model…and the debate starts now!

March 7, 2010 Leave a comment
This may be the second-last batch of photos from Tiny Erskineville. The tide of tiny humans and their camera-wielding parents has receded as we close up shop for our debate. Come and hear some opinions (and give yours) about town planning, exciting new developments and the problem with fresh fruit.

A parisian cafe for Erskineville.

An artificial ski slope opposite Thomas Dux park.
Sad. Jordan’s father wants to see him more.
For public health and safety, a free syringe dispenser outside the Town Hall.
A dig site in the church car park.
A glitter museum – is it a museum showcasing different types of glitter, or a museum made of glitter?
A tennis court above the pharmacy.
The Pet Shop is now also an Animal Shelter. As long as there are still fluffy puppies it’s ok.
Glitter road, and an underground tunnel rendering Erskineville Road a pedestrian only area. The underground tunnel transports cars and always plays Lou Reed’s ‘Berlin’.
Several proposals for pedestrian-only Erskineville road, and even more proposals for rollercoasters, waterslides, and catapults to transport people from one side of Erskineville to the other. It seems like nobody will actually be using the sidewalks?
Voila. The catapults.

March 7, 2010 Leave a comment
Even more photos to follow these ones. Clearing out the room in ten minutes to start preparations for the debate. One one hour left of Tiny Stadiums 2010 😦

Play area for kids inside the Erko. Suggested by a child.

Giant chocolate cake in the street for anyone to enjoy.
Ropes course attached to treetops.
Free Public Vacuum outside the Dry Cleaners.
Our response to several criticisms regarding the price and quality of available chinese food.
Lego blocks to play with.
Dangerous wildlife park (made by the little boy who suggested it).
Anti-Gravity Chamber.
Umbrella vending machine near the train station.
Colourful footprints recognising the gay culture in Erskinville.
A Bi-Monthly holiday which involves people bringing their BBQ’s out onto the streets and enjoying some mustard (the proposal stressed mustard appreciation).
BBQ park area and playground. There sure have been a lot of proposals for playgrounds. How many playgrounds does a small village main road need?
Tantric Temple.

Suggestion that Erskineville should have less children – sign was placed on the Arc.
A response – some children thought it was insulting to be weeded out in new Tiny Erskineville and so suggested more kids.

Last day!!!

March 7, 2010 Leave a comment
It’s our last day!!!

Here are some changes from yesterday, plus the latest additions. We’re going to keep building until 4pm, and then set up for our Sexy New urban Debate, which will kick of at 4.30.
It’s been incredibly busy today, and the room is brimming with festival-goers and enough small children to make us feel like a craft version of The Wiggles.
Note: We are not the next Wiggles. We’re far too sexy and exciting.

Saturday building times.
A new Pet Shop, with fluffy animals (i hope they’re puppies).
Our exciting whiteboard, which we note changes on each day, and our ledger which contains a record of every change made over the last two weeks, as well as the time it was completed and who the change was suggested by.
A trampoline on top of the new Hundertwasser community centre!

Cafe Shenkin is now open earlier
Erskineville now has an Arc de Triomphe, over Erskineville Road, which is now a river system complete with boats.
Fun building times.

More photos to come very soon!

Last day of Tiny Stadiums

March 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Yesterday was off the chain. Goo fights outside the pyramid, dancing pedestrians, greenhouse relaxation, photo shoots and bald caps. We were busy too; yesterday we made about 30 changes to the model, and received another 20 proposals for today. We’re going to be flat out finishing this for this afternoon. You should make sure you come up today and see everything, and then stick around for our mock debate on ‘The Future of Sexy Erskineville’. If you’d like to be involved in the debate, which should be a lot of fun, let us know!
More updates throughout the day, but we hope to see you up there!